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5/12/2024 Junior Year Complete.

Just finished my junior year of college! Super excited to really dive in head first and start compiling some more paranormal phenomena. The dream entity investigation is still ongoing but I can't deny it's harder to find resources surrounding their existence than I thought. I do have a few more images I have found as evidence and a couple of text entries, so expect me to compile those all in another document soon!

02/25/2024 Dream Entity Documentation!

Long time no see, friends! It's been a while since i've posted but I come bearing great news! I have finally gathered up some solid image documentation of the dream entity. I've found a couple of clear drawings of this elusive creature on several websites, blogs, and forums. I have attached a google doc with all of the relevant information here!

12/17/2023 Finals FINALLY Over!

Now that finals are complete I can dive in head first into my paranormal investigations! I intend to explore an abandoned property in my town. It's rumored to be totally haunted. I hope to put these claims to the test. As for the Dream Entity investigation I have been collecting some curious images that seem to quite consistently depict this entity. I hopefully will have a comprehensive post for those within the next week or so!

12/11/2023 Winter Break.

I'm so happy that I'll be getting winter break soon. Finals week has just begun but I'm looking forward to that sweet, sweet 3 week long referesher! I always get so anxious right as finals are beginning. I know I should relax, but there is a lot at stake! I'm trying my absolute best to not totally sink deeper into neurosis but we'll see how that goes. Anyways, I hope to do more research on the Dream Entity case over my break and maybe hit up some haunted locations with my Ghost Gear!

12/10/2023 Some Facts About the Case.

Alright. Let me put on the table what I have found recently regarding the dream entity case. There are a couple of things that seem to be consistent with each of the separate cases I have read about.
  • The entity appears to be a neutral creature. It has not outright harmed any of the dreamers I have read about. It is either not interested in doing so or is incapable of physical harm.
  • Every time the entity has appeared, it has relayed or has tried to relay a message to the dreamer.
  • Its form is fluid and changes slightly or drastically between each instance.
  • I understand that this criteria is not specific, but it is still something! Any and all information counts for anomalous cases like this. I have an open comment section on my profile for questions and to hopefully encourage anyone to share their experiences with this dream entity! I hope to post again soon.

    11/03/2023 Dream Entity Project?

    You may have seen that "Ever dream of this entity?" poster that I now have on the front page of my website. I have put that poster there due to a strange phenomenon I dug up regarding universal dream experiences. When I say universal dream experiences I am not talking about a dream of your hair falling out or going to a work meeting in your underwear. Those dreams are too mundane to be considered unusual. I’m speaking about a very specific entity that appears in many dreams. Apparently this entity often appears as a shadowy figure with long hair and moon shaped horns… But even that seems to vary from case to case. I want to do more investigating on the subject since this is a new kind of project for me. I have experimented with plenty of ghost encounters and even aliens but dreams??? That is not subject matter I have laid my hands on yet. I will post more updates on the blog soon!